Thursday, May 13, 2010

Websites untuk Mempercepat Belajar Bahasa Inggris


Dear learners,

The following list of web sites is intended to help you find the right places during your journey in he World Wide Web. Please make use of them, and do not hesitate to ask for assistance should you run into problems.

We wish you an enjoyable learning session through the Internet!


Note: you have to sign up to be a member.
This site provides online testing to measure your mastery of GRAMMAR. The "Resources" button puts you to a variety of helping tools. Just click on the one that suits your needs.

For LISTENING COMPREHENSION practice, click on Study Skills, and then click on Taking Control of English, then scroll down until you find Listening on the Internet. Click on one of the items on the list and you will be directed to useful exercises on Listening Comprehension.


from here, click on "Interactive Reading Lessons", and you will find numerous exercises on VOCABULARY AND READING COMPREHENSION.


Once inside, click on Part 7: More Mastery Tests 2. You will be directed to a page that provides a range of tests: VOCABULARY development, READING main idea, summarizing, using the DICTIONARY, and word PRONUNCIATION.


Choose the link(s) that suits your objective in writing and other language skills.


This site provides some exercises on vocabulary and grammar that usually belong to business domain.


Here you can choose some quizzes for: GRAMMAR, LISTENING, TOEFL, VOCABULARY, IDIOM and PHRASAL VERBS


Here you will find English tests of VOCABULARY, READING and GRAMMAR.


This site provides some of the best language GAMES online.


This site provides list of words that are used in the Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate levels. By studying the word lists, you will be familiar with typical expressions used for business purposes in corporate environment.


This site offers you several quizzes on GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY for all levels. Quite challenging! Have a go!


This is a special site that gives you a VOCABULARY quiz from English to Indonesian language. Click on 1996 Survey of the British National Corpus to see whether you master a wide range of vocabulary items.


This site is special for BUSINESS domain. It gives you a lot of GRAMMAR, VOCABULARY, READING exercises. You can also specify the theme from a range of options from sales to Banking.


The IELTS Test requires students to undergo stringent examination of their English skills. English Outlook is pleased to provide a free online IELTS practice test for course placement purposes, as well as general English skills testing for placement of prospective students on our IELTS2004 course.

Your test answers will be assessed and the results automatically emailed back to you.


This site provides an (almost) complete online test on grammar. Very useful, very interactive, it comes with instant feedback and explanations so that you can identify in detail the grammar points you need to learn more.


This site offers online tests of various languages. The materials that are tested include things that a foreign traveler will need to use.


This site offers you a TRANSLATION service for a variety of languages.


This site offers online explanations and practices in VOCABULARY, READING, and GRAMMAR. Each exercise comes with feedback so you can get information about why your answer is wrong.

18. http://lc/

This is a suitable site for those who need lots of GRAMMAR practice. Find a wide range of grammatical exercises here (from articles to tenses). Need to measure your VOCABULARY breadth? Just click on the VOCABULARY EXERCISE. If your PC supports audio, you can also listen to CNN news.



This is a very helpful online dictionary. Use it to look up words which you don’t understand. It comes with the phonetic symbols that help you PRONOUNCE the word correctly. It also features a link to an IDIOMATIC dictionary. Want to know what “top it off” means? Just click here!


This is another online dictionary that helps you a lot with difficult words. It also features a THESAURUS, where you can find synonyms and antonyms.


This is a collection of dictionaries for specialized fields, ranging from Accounting, Engineering, to Law and Astronomy.. Find the meanings of specific terms here.

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